I haven’t had this experience with domestic Tmall launches, so I’ll share what we know.

On the one hand, rejections are common. Almost all of our clients get rejected on the first pass (usually for discrepant documents.)

On the other hand, our experience is that you CAN get fast tracked and approved by doing these things:

1. Tell your story in a way that makes sense…for CHINA.

That means you focus on why Tmall and Chinese consumers are a great match. If you don’t have local roots, prove that you have relevant global traction that fits into their strategy.

2. Show your investment in the project

If you are a zero, you have no choice but to show them the money.

They want to see a detailed sales plan by month, usually over a 3 year period. If you are in it for the short term or expect Tmall to be a magic ATM machine, you will be tossed out.

3. Have a REAL brand they can see

They need to be able to look you up. Starting with China & if you aren’t there, they look to see where you are & how you fit into a larger category development strategy.

5 years ago it was supplements, then mom & baby, then pet food, then beauty and luxury and so on.

…The rest is icing

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