If you were asked, “Where is home?” what would you say?

I think most people name a place. Maybe where they grew up or went to school. Maybe where they settled down and raised their children.

Home is a sense of belonging. It is the sum total of where we feel grounded. You may think it is a given, but it can CHANGE. It isn’t static. And it may be MORE than one place.

As expats, we face high contrast. Our sense of home changes. The longer we stay abroad, the more likely we become part of a third culture…a community living in between worlds.

So I found it fascinating (irresistible) to take an interview with one of my oldest friends, Mike Shaw, who started a podcast to shed light on how living abroad changes you.

Not that we don’t all have much better things to do, but if you do like a good personal story, download the interview here https://lnkd.in/gxrnEvm and send me your thoughts.

PS: Mike was a groomsman in my wedding…19 years ago!

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