Every year, my business helps countless brands prepare for their launches online in #China.

I’m constantly asked “How much does it cost to #launch in China?”

This is the answer I give them… and it holds true for any consumer #retail brand:

It depends on many factors.

The biggest are how popular your brand is with #Chinese consumers, channel exclusivity, platform support, and the nature of your product.

Specialty #brands with leadership positions have a high chance of #success. They often “own” a niche and have few #competitors.

For example, we have a #client in outdoor safety, a global top five. Enthusiasts in China love them. Their reputation is gold. Brands like this can often launch on a dime and have a healthy P&L after a short ramp up.

By contrast, brands with low #awareness need to focus on #activation. To gain traction, they may need to try many techniques and #invest in a range of activities both in and out of China.

Bottom line? Stronger brands have an easier time while the rest may find it #costly or time consuming. Where you fall in the spectrum of awareness, positioning, price, structure and platform support determines expenses.

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