Up winding roads in dense fog, I’m on the hunt for porcupines (no, I’m not joking). My son and daughter are infatuated with wildlife so we seek it out everywhere we live.

And Hong Kong is no exception…even on Victoria Peak!

I’ve been coming here since the early 90’s. And in all those years, I had no idea there were large mammals living here. Proper woodland creatures. Things you’d see in Vermont (like moose).

But there ARE. Since moving here, we’ve seen wild boar, monkeys, deer and porcupines. Never mind the birds of prey and dolphins…or the tropical reef fish.

Children make us see things we had no idea were there. We just have to look. When we see the world from the eyes of a child, it can make us curious and remind us that there is much more to life than the daily grind. Sometimes we need to dig deep to see the special things. Kids do it naturally, but we need to retrain our brains. Only then can we live. A great quote by Henry Miller sums it up well: “The aim of life is to live. And to live is to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, divinely aware.”

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