In China, there’s always opportunity…especially in times of chaos.

A clear example of this is the current situation in Hong Kong. It’s my home at the moment and I have several brand clients there as well. As tensions have mounted, the old paradigm of Hong Kong as a destination for consumption and tourism has shifted. The opportunity hasn’t disappeared, it has just moved inland. To survive, the brands have had to adapt. They’re shifting their efforts into northeast Asia and mainland China. Brands constantly have to look at these situations, which can seem untenable, but if you are willing to change you can find a way out, and often a way to be very successful.

One thing you can do is to develop “designer” relationships when it comes to China. Adjust your operation to compensate for constant change by avoiding putting yourself in inflexible scenarios, frameworks, and legal agreements that stick you in one place. Instead, focus on designing your business to allow you to move around and capitalize on change. This is huge, and doesn’t come naturally to most. We’re all afraid of change; we don’t want to deal with it. But in the end the ones that jump first always come out on top.

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