When Jenny Chan at WARC recently asked me to provide some insights on why foreign brands struggle with China #ecommerce I was happy to share. Over the years I’ve worked with COUNTLESS brands at all stages of their China journeys… and the pitfalls are numerous.

If you are keen on #China, this is your chance to witness a litany detailed execution #failures on Tmall & JD. Casework includes missed opportunities, poisonous agendas, flawed thinking, incompetence, sabotage, theft & other mischief.

You’ll see that most brands lack the inside knowledge, skills & #resources to build a sustainable online presence. They make costly mistakes. They choke on red tape & local nuances. They hire charlatans or get trapped in bad partnerships.

Simply put, they don’t understand the China ecommerce game…and they lose.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

From strategy and structure to #activation & #optimization, I’ll explain the fine points of what it takes to win in China’s fast moving marketplaces.

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