Can I use headless models in China?

Who uses beheaded models in China??

“Can I use headless models in China?”


I was ACTUALLY asked this question by TWO separate clients in one day! You can’t make this stuff up…

If you want to succeed in China’s ultra-competitive ecommerce market, there are no shortcuts. You can’t skimp on localization…

And that means NO headless models.

People want to buy from others like themselves. People with faces. Trying to get away with cutting your product photos off at the neck to avoid the effort and expense of customizing them for the China market is a recipe for disaster.

The real question is, do you want to SAVE money or do you want to MAKE money.

Take the time to do it right. This means taking new photos (you KNOW how important top quality photos are when selling on Tmall or JD) and customizing your offerings and approach for the China market.

The investment will be well worth it…

And for the love of God, let your poor models keep their heads!