Louis Vuitton Draws Crowds with Takeover of Akimbo Cafe: Would you wait in line for this?

Yesterday at 10:00 am there was already a line down the street for Louis Vuitton’s takeover of Akimbo Cafe on Yuanyuan Lu in Shanghai.

The building looked great. I’d be keen to see what it was all about.

BUT, online forums in China were full of commenters saying they were scared to check it out due to the government’s super strict COVID policies.

What do you think? Would you wait in line to check it out? Or is this just a gimmick and not worth the gamble?

People queueing up at the LV-themed Akimbo Cafe
Close up of LV's collaboration with Akimbo Cafe
LV's experiential marketing campaign with its collaboration with Akimbo Cafe

Credit: Paul Lin