Kung Fu Insights & Perspectives

Does Dishonesty Pay?

Does Dishonesty Pay? We all know the term, “buyers are liars.” My mentor says transparency is overrated. The middleman’s creed is information arbitrage. All the great ones trade the gap. And yet I train my team to be totally transparent and honest with clients about...

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Danes and Swedes

Client: “They Think Through The Whole Process Until They Are Millionaires” Me: “Who?” Client: “Danes and Swedes” Me: “LOL. What do you mean?” Client: “We spend too much time trying to think through every detail and plan for everything. You can’t do China that way. It...

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Pandas: A Turnaround Story

These two young pandas squeal and chirp like little kids on this video. Amazing to spend time with them up close and see how WELL they are doing. A few hours drive outside of Chengdu in Sichuan providence (southwest China), you find the mountain home of the beloved...

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