The Chinese government seems to think so. They STOPPED Ant Financial’s IPO dead in its tracks.

But why?

Simple: Jack Ma’s optimized net worth EASILY exceeds $100 billion.

His businesses are more valuable, farther reaching, more impactful and far more INTERESTING than Jeff Bezos’, his nearest global peer.

Jack Ma’s sprawling #empire controls more than a third of global #commerce PLUS the payment, finance and #trade facilitation infrastructure for all of #China.

The only reason Jack Ma isn’t “already” the richest on paper is because of #Western investor bias and unfounded fears over the rise of #Chinese firms and exposure to the whims of political heavyweights.

Perhaps #investors are now proven right.

The Chinese #government cited a “new regulatory environment” and other politically-correct verbiage from vested interests who want to block Jack’s rise.

Like those before him, he is an #international public relations “risk” at a time when Western nations are angry with China and expect pandemic recourse.

Let’s see what ensues…but knowing this, it is a sad day for one of the world’s finest #entrepreneurs.

What do you think? Is the Chinese government smarter than we think?

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