Is opportunity dead in China?

Recently, I was talking with one of my clients who has been in China a little over 10 years. He’s an American who has built an extremely successful business here.  His mood was dark as he remarked that he just doesn’t see a lot of opportunity in China anymore.

I sat back and thought about it for a moment and then told him that perhaps this was because of his own bias. He and I both remember a time in China when it seemed easier to launch a business and/or be successful in new markets. If you’re new to China, you may not remember this “golden era.”

But, like with most things, our memory is clouded by rose colored glasses. My team has been researching this extensively, and the data has proven my client’s theory wrong time and time again. The market has definitely changed, but the opportunity has not disappeared. In fact, opportunity is alive and well. However, you have to be willing to shift, pivot, update, and upgrade to stay competitive in China today.

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