Keep it simple.

1) If you’re starting from scratch in China, focus on things that are inexpensive but produce outsize results.

Relationships are key, and you can’t put a price on them. Spend your time cultivating the right ones and you can make big strides quickly.

Developing strong ties with key partners and influencers will pay off tenfold (and help you avoid costly mistakes along the way.)

2) Spend the time to cover yourself legally. Your trademark must be properly registered in China. It should be an exact mirror of the way Chinese consumers search your product in both Chinese and English.

3) Never, EVER give up control of your IP…don’t authorize or sign away rights to anyone for any reason. Maintaining control is SO MUCH EASIER than fighting to take it back.


Once you have the fundamentals in place, THEN contact operators and look at commandeering resources into a launch.

By keeping it simple from the start you’ll be much better positioned to succeed.

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