DATE: Wednesday, May 22nd

TIME: 11-11:30 AM Shanghai 11-11:30 AM London 10-10:30 AM New York

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That’s exactly what can happen when you do business in China. Here’s a recent example:

One of my clients had a very successful online store launch and unhappy competitors hired 3rd parties to create a lot of orders… and then took advantage of the 7-day unlimited right of return to try to hurt the store’s ranking.

They called government bureaus to trigger audits and even hired thugs to go squat in the brand’s retail showroom.

Although that was quite extreme and we did get the client out of the nasty situations… it took 3 long months to clear the mess. The point is that just about anything can happen.


Cheers, Josh & Amelie

PS. Please note that the Shanghai session is already full, so I encourage you to choose from the London 11am session or NY 10am session.