DATE: Wednesday, May 22nd
TIME: 11-11:30 AM Shanghai
11-11:30 AM London
10-10:30 AM New York


We all know China is tough game. But as a foreigner here, it is even tougher. SO MANY FAIL. Makes NO difference if you buy or sell. Big or small. Rich or poor.

A client once told me, “It takes 5 years for any foreigner to make money in China.” I thought he was out of his mind. But he was right!

Amelie Mongrain and I each have a 24-year-history in China. Sure, we’ve failed a lot. But we’ve also made it…FIVE times.

This Wednesday you get to ask us how we repeatedly created million-dollar businesses in China. While this may sound easy, consider this fact: only 4% of ALL businesses ever reach 1M in sales.

The webinar format is interactive! We expect you to raise your hand & ask us questions. Ask us anything & you’ll get an honest answer.

If you are curious about how to launch a successful business in China, you can get answers by asking us direct questions. Whether you strike out on your own or you are working for someone & responsible for the China project, what we share is battle tested.