Take this as an example: 3 million RMB in 2 minutes DURING a pandemic. This happened to our client when they worked with a top KOL on Taobao.

What’s crazy is that viewers are more likely to buy during these livestreams than in major events like Singles Day.

That’s because livestreams are way more entertaining than browsing through a product detail page. Tmall recognizes this and supports stores that regularly run livestreaming activities with extra resources.

So basically everyone MUST do livestreams now.

Check out our newest visual report to get an overall understanding of LIVE ecommerce in China.

Inside, you’ll see things like…
-How fast the live streaming market is growing
-Market share of major platforms
-What it’s like when it DOESN’T work
-How to maximize live streaming sales
-The workflow in partnering with KOL agencies
-A list of top Taobao KOLs

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