Livestreaming has exploded this year and as with most moneymakers, the players involved haven’t all been honest.

#Tmall has noticed & the crackdown is underway. Let me explain…

Tmall has seen a massive increase in #complaints from consumers who have received products purchased during #livestreams that weren’t as advertised. The claims that were being made by live streamers were untrue (or exaggerated) and consumers were vocal about it.

Protecting shoppers has always been a priority for Tmall (have you seen the intense process merchants have to go through to open a store!) So naturally, they’re taking action to make sure live streamers aren’t giving their platform a bad name.

One of the ways they’re accomplishing this is by creating a public system of #registration & performance #reviews for live streamers. You’re going to have to prove that you’re the real thing, or you’re going to get fined and booted.

Tmall will also be applying some of the strict #standards that brands have been dealing with for years to live streamers. For example, if you’re operating a store & you make a false claim you can get nailed. You have to have ACTUAL PROOF that the statements you’re making are true.

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