While Li Jia Qi and other top KOLs run their businesses like professional TV shopping hosts, many mid-tier KOLs don’t.

Manifold issues include:

1) No set schedule for their 4-hour livestream blocks. You don’t know when your products will be featured among hundreds of others.

2) You can’t lock in a time. You have to take what they give you and they often don’t release any information until it is too late.

3) They can squeeze you hard ESPECIALLY if you’ve invested heavily in promoting the event.

Here’s what happened this week…

For Children’s Day (June 1), we booked a mid-tier KOL for a client. She agreed to insert our client’s hero products into her livestream starting at 8PM.

On May 31st, she changed her mind and asked to move the date after we had spent three weeks promoting the event on social media.

She tried to drop us from the Children’s Day slot. Her agent said that if we can’t do it on June 2nd, the livestream is cancelled. 

Tmall tried to help. Their staff pushed the booking agent to continue with the existing plan offering 500 RMB extra to secure the spot but they insisted on a cancellation or date change.

Our store manager was furious!

So we made another offer…this time raising the amount to 2000 RMB to secure the spot.

Then no response for 24 hours…

At 3PM on Children’s Day (5 hours before live broadcast) we got a brief reply from the agent: “If you add the 2K, we’ll do it. No fapiao necessary.”

She was willing to trash 3 weeks of campaigning, hard work and expense for 2000 RMB cash
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