There are ONLY 1.4 billion people in #China and the battle for their screentime is heating up. #Livestream today isn’t just about driving engagement or #sales. It’s used to wage war.

The fight is on in the arena of livestream #commerce. Who will be the winner that comes out on top?

#Douyin unleashed a first strike. They officially announced that 3rd party platform links will be #banned starting October.

Prior to this, streamers and creators could sell products by embedding #marketplace links. Now they’ll have to do so using the Douyin’s native #ecommerce store.

There’s only one explanation behind this sudden move. They’re going after #Taobao. That’s because most of Douyin’s sales are happening through Taobao links. #Bytedance (Douyin’s parent company) wants that piece of the pie.

This move is #shocking because it’s incredibly premature. Douyin’s native store is far from ready.

#Livestreaming (and short #videos) has become an economy of its own and today #Alibaba is still the king of this hill. #TaobaoLive did 250 billion RMB (U$36 billion) in 2019 and is on track to hit double that amount by the end of 2020. #Kuaishou is well on its way to 250 billion RMB this year and Douyin is going for 200 billion RMB.