Not parents, not teachers… the #Chinese government!

China’s top live streamer Li Jiaqi just got his #Shanghai Hukou. For those of you that don’t know, #China has a green card system for its own #citizens. Health and education programs of each city are limited to its own Hukou #residents. And it’s notoriously hard to get one in big cities like #Beijing & #Shanghai.

But that’s the power of #livestream. Li Jiaqi got it through a “special #talent” program, circumventing the long process most applicants need to go through.

Local governments want a piece of the livestream commerce pie and they’re serious about it.

One district in #Guangzhou will give top tier live streamers up to U$73K as housing subsidies. They’ll even give U$1.4M to companies that go public… if they’re registered within the district.

These special incentives aren’t just for the A-list #influencers and their media companies. Jinan is training 10,000 people to become professional #livestreamers. The goal is to help achieve 180 billion RMB (U$26B) worth of transactions. Other provinces are also doing the same thing.

But that’s not it. We’ve organized a bunch of #government efforts in livestreaming into one #infographic.