Last week, I caught a taste of the New London. Great example is Rabbit in Chelsea, which claims to do “British tapas,” creative bites made of quality local ingredients.

And (shhh) it was excellent…did I just say that?

The London I experienced when I was younger seemed to host lousy F&B, abrupt service & pedestrian entertainment. Admittedly, previous visits did include the usual checklist tourist traps & crowded venues.

My impression was “London is nice but I’d rather be…” This time I chose to experience London the RIGHT way: I let clients, friends & local partners show me the ropes.

I spent time in Richmond, Barnes, Putney, Bayswater, Hyde Park, Kensington, Chelsea, Soho, Covent Gardens, Butler’s Wharf & even went to the top of the Walkie Talkie building (thanks Mark Schaub!)

Good for the daily step count (12K+) & for working off the calories…

From exquisite architecture to endless dining options, manicured neighborhoods, parks & waterfront developments, beautiful walkways & homey pubs on every corner…London is a world class city to live and raise a family.

So thank you for a fulfilling and lively week @London. You have officially changed my view. No naysaying going forward (except the weather…which is still appalling)

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