Trappers are highly skilled executives who catch you off guard with their seemingly photographic memories and ability to stitch arguments together using YOUR words.

This week I encountered TWO of these rare birds:

1. One (in his early 30’s) is quite clever. NEVER takes notes during meetings. He patiently listens, memorizes what everyone says and WAITS.

2. The other is 50ish, super experienced, sharp and focused. At first, warm and inviting…BUT underneath aggressive and calculating. He records everything in shorthand.

On Tuesday, I get an email after the first meeting with #2 with a laundry list of “To Do’s” that summarized everything I said…verbatim.

On Wednesday, #1 uses my words from a meeting we had (literally) 5 months ago. And he has no qualms doing it to his own: his COO and CMO got roasted right in front of us.

On Thursday, I get another laundry list from #2 after our second meeting…this time “quoting” me verbatim.

On Friday, #1 sends us an email trying to rope us into extra work (read = scope creep) taking words we said over months and weaving them into a logical argument.

…apparently I’m in business with the Lannisters.

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