Customers maintain high expectations on delivery speed all year long…but there’s one exception to that: Spring Festival aka #ChineseNewYear.

This is the only time everyone MUST go back home even if it’s 2000km away. It’s considered a disgrace not to visit your parents during this time.

This causes a shutdown of #ecommerce because the majority of the couriers are migrant workers. They all go home so there’s nobody left to deliver parcels.

#SpringFestival makes #Taobao feel like a ghost town. Stores post notices saying they’re gone for the holidays and orders will only start shipping after the break when couriers return.

While brands can’t change the spring shut down, they can actively focus on Nian Huo Jie, the event just before Chinese New Year. #Alibaba initially created this shopping festival to help farmers get their products into cities before the end of the lunar year.

Therefore this event gives food categories the main spotlight on Alibaba, but it’s not exclusive to them. Nian Huo Jie would best translate to Christmas shopping, when people buy #gifts for family and friends. Even though it’s mostly focused on food products, with a bit of creativity non-food brands could create opportunities for themselves at this time as well.

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