One major pitfall I see amongst foreign brands entering China is the tendency for decisions to be made in silos. This just doesn’t work.

Marketing is separate from ecommerce, which is separate from customer service, which is separate from wholesale.

Don’t go to China if you think that way.

Everything here is INTEGRATED. Online marketplaces combine the functionality of every single application on your phone, from point of interest to point of purchase (and everything in between)…all in one place for FREE.

They ARE influence, commerce and community.

They have it all. They do it all. With an army of 60 million competing merchants to choose from, we are all spoiled rotten.

You’re dealing with a consumer that expects all sorts of entertainment, content, integration and engagement in one place. And on top of this they expect live, instant, personal service.

Every part of your organization must be in alignment to meet their expectations.

And your wholesalers have to respect it. They are often the thorn in your side, because they enable all disruptive, unauthorized brand trade in China.

No wonder everyone complains about margin. You can’t avoid the consequences of decisions made in silos.

So stop. Start fresh. And fully localize your efforts.

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