Over the past few months, we have been plunged into a new reality where everything changes in real time.

Disruption isn’t a pitch at a start up event. It’s your life.

And I think the biggest lesson we can learn from China is…the value of moving FAST.

I see this every day at work. The minute we get used to existing systems, things change. And I’m not talking about a slight shift…

I mean an overnight disruption. There is an event…a new app being introduced (hello TikTok) or a huge change in consumer behavior and you have to learn a new game.

And the nice thing is whenever the game changes, you have a chance to really grow.

“Opportunity favors the prepared mind.”

Early adopters often become market leaders. It’s a cycle that repeats.

Have you taken the right position…not as an incumbent defending your turf, but a fresh face seeing opportunities to break the status quo?

Right now we’re at a pivotal moment. And it’s probably time to fill your cup.

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