Our top tools to battle #isolation (and stay productive) while working remotely

No doubt working from home has been quite an adjustment for your team…I know it was for ours.

Even though we have an #international team, the bulk of our operations staff were used to working together in one location. We needed to replicate the whiteboard and maintain accountability.

Most of our ops team are Chinese, so we needed a Chinese UI that could operate without a VPN…

While there are great project management #tools out there, many were just a bit too complicated…

In the end, we were left with Trello, Worktile and Teambition.

Trello is the original visual project management tool that looks like post-it notes on a whiteboard. Our other options most likely got their inspiration from Trello.

Worktile is very much like Trello. Everything flows smoothly and it has all the features to allow visual communication of tasks, their progress and set accountability. It also has slack-like messaging features, which is a plus but we’re not really looking to replace WeChat any time soon.

Teambition is functionally very complete. It does everything Worktile does. The UI looks nice but feels just a bit less intuitive when compared to Worktile.

How are you #stayingconnected while #workingremotely?