These two young pandas squeal and chirp like little kids on this video. Amazing to spend time with them up close and see how WELL they are doing.

A few hours drive outside of Chengdu in Sichuan providence (southwest China), you find the mountain home of the beloved Chinese giant panda, 2000+ strong between both wild and bred populations. It’s a real turnaround story.

30 years ago this animal was extremely endangered. Scientists struggled to solve the problem. They were not convinced they could save the animal from extinction.

That would be criminal…China’s national pride on the line. But the solution was simple and obvious: (1) breed them in captivity and (2) bring back vibrant bamboo habitats.

The Chinese did both. So now the beloved panda is safe. And it is proof that we can all do our part to intervene in the management of our most precious resource…life.

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