The crisis of uncertainty gripping the West is artificially freezing budgets when a measured response may well be a real opportunity. China is recovering FAST…23 days in and we are now UP over March 2019.

Is now the right time to make a move…or should you put your plans on hold indefinitely? In the latest episode of The China Marketing Podcast, hosted by Lauren Hallanan, we answer all of your questions…including when “Should your brand enter the China market?”

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We’ll be sharing what brands should consider before entering China, how to evaluate if a brand is ready, and tips for a successful China launch strategy.

There are two particularly interesting ideas for China market entry discussed in this episode.

  1. It’s actually easier to activate Chinese consumers outside of China and then enter the mainland China market.
  2. People follow people who follow brands.

In China, the faster you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Agility is extremely important, not only because consumer behaviors and technology are rapidly changing, but also because Chinese domestic brands tend to be very agile and international brands just entering the market are going to struggle to compete if they can’t keep up.

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