Poisonous Agendas

If you’re in business, you’re familiar with competing agendas. I’m sure you’ve been in countless meetings where people in the room all have different ideas about the best way to move forward.

Unfortunately, sometimes in China, it can get ugly. This case is an Australian backpack brand that I am actively transferring over to us as a Tmall operator right now. They’re really good people and are very successful as a brand. When one of the employees in their Shanghai office said, “Hey, I’ll find you the best operator for backpacks, don’t worry about it” the boss agreed.

The employee didn’t do that. Instead of running a process and taking viable options back to his boss, he went and chose a distributor that he could get into cahoots with and earn a commission on the side. He completed the paperwork in Chinese, his boss couldn’t read it. The contract gave the distributor perpetual rights to Tmall and JD. So it’s taken nine months, lots of lawyers, a lot of expenses, and an inventory buy back to undo the mess he created. It was a very expensive process that could have been avoided.

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