POP QUIZ: what do you think is the single “most” important factor in determining a brand’s readiness for online marketplaces in China?

A) Unique market fit
B) Control over channels
C) Existing awareness
D) Marketing resources

At @Startup Launchpad I was challenged by a few savvy attendees who work in China and know the Alibaba + Tencent ecosystem well.

It was the BEST thing.

Newbies weren’t sure what to ask…but insiders pushed me for depth and clarity.

In particular, @Jing Jing’s questions fleshed out key points that mean the difference between success and failure for many.

And yet nearly EVERYONE failed my pop quiz.

That’s because ALL of the above are super important. So in a way, no one was wrong. But there is one factor that “trumps” all the others.

Do you know which one?

Drop your answer in comments here or PM me (in case you don’t want others to see).

I will tally the responses for each and reveal both the counts (no names or faces) and the answer later this week. Confidentiality assured and expected.

Good luck 🙂

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