Q: Can I sell cross border if my product collects user data?

A: Technically, it is illegal to take any consumer data out of China whether you sell through a cross border interface or not. This isn’t a valid workaround.

You are better off staying compliant with local regulations given your plans. Even if you avoid detection, eventually you could be fined or shut down.

MOST IMPORTANT: the model for entry must be driven by DEMAND: where are consumers spending on products like yours? Are they buying through a cross border interface? Are there any competitors using that model successfully?

Consumers use cross border interfaces for things they can’t get in China easily. Think highly regulated categories like infant formula and cosmetics. Not yours.

While anything is possible, you are justifying a structure that has no basis in consumption. Your company simply isn’t willing to set up the basic systems to make it work the way others are doing it (quite successfully, I might add).

So my guess is that your store will struggle…badly.

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