A: Local managers tell me China is slowing down, but stimulus is in place and real growth might be 3% or 4% this year (versus government stated 6%).

I’m not an economist but I think a contraction is a prerequisite to a ‘crash,’ no? This slowdown isn’t necessarily going to change anything. It may even have a positive impact on business (at least for e-commerce.)

Here’s what we know:

1. Shoppers continue to migrate to marketplaces like Tmall & JD

2. Some of them are still growing very fast at “scale”

3. Growth is situation and category specific…we have brands with 3x trajectory

4. New retail experiences have exponential and unrealized growth potential

5. The bigger problem isn’t China’s economy; it is YOUR PLACE IN IT

Ebbs and flows in business notwithstanding, being nimble is key to success in China. And our team naturally gravitates to high potential areas. So our best clients and biggest opportunities in 2019 are VERY different from the Fortune 500 set when we started.

We can give you real numbers on your products now. All you have to do is ask.

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