Q: Will They Take Another [INSERT PRODUCT TYPE] Brand On TMG?

A: Good question. It’s both frustrating and fascinating to see how category managers approve brands for launch.

Our experience is that if you are early (and data is supportive), the answer is YES…they often want to give consumers more choices in a sub category.

But if they are flooded with brands and applications, you can easily be rejected. They will tell you the brand isn’t a good fit, but the truth is that you need to be activated with Chinese consumers at a level that supports a sustainable launch.

They are doing you a FAVOR: they know you won’t cut it until you’ve got basis.

They can also reject you for all sorts of other reasons: strategy, positioning, reputation, team and financial structure, strategic value and so on. So don’t take it personally.

The best work around is finding partners that can help you overcome these barriers. As they say in China, “everything is possible…but nothing is easy.”

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