Young Chinese dads are generally “ignored” by Western brands. They never seem to get a fair shake, even though they are stable earners and generous with their loved ones and friends.

We often lump them into the “young male” category even after they’ve become soccer dads.

It’s a shame. Because they also have interesting (and often expensive) hobbies and their spending power is enormous.

The earlier they were born, the more likely they are to have significant financial resources.

MORE THAN 70% are home owners.

(at least double the rate in the West)

So during and after COVID, their spending appears to be a form of quantitative and qualitative revenge on urban life under quarantine…

They engage the world with confidence and optimism that is unmatched by other generations in China during and after COVID.

Here’s how the Chinese “Soccer Dad” responded to COVID and the immediate recovery period.


This is part 2 of a visual series profiling Chinese Millennial parents. The “Millennial Mom” was covered here: @“Revenge Spending” Among China’s Millennial Parents During and After COVID.

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