A meaningful day of connection & “connected retail” at Retail Without Borders. Many thoughtful & insightful talks by leading online marketplaces and experts. I was honored to be among them…

The event cartoonist who captured the moment added his own styling. Apparently, I look better (1) in a three piece suit & tie, (2) wearing no spectacles and (3) with no wavy hair (must be subtle style tips from Queer-Eye-For-The-Straight-American-Guy?)

Grateful to you Laurence Guy, Dilyana Gramadarova, Bethan Morgans, Graham Broughton & Retail Without Borders team for giving me a chance to share truths about selling in China that aren’t always easy to hear.

The surprising thing is that feedback has been largely…positive. (which is shocking given the content)

I guess English retailers are thick-skinned, confident & unapologetic pragmatists. I’m so pleased that a healthy dose of reality didn’t scare you all off!

Please reach out if you need help or want to take a closer look at China. Our sole mission is to help brands thrive in China’s online marketplaces…and we’ll point you in the right direction one way or another 🙂

PS: For those who couldn’t attend and want access, message me. I’ll see about sharing the link to the audio/visual once it is available.


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