Should I wait to launch my brand in China due to COVID-19?

The short answer…it depends.

Offline sales ground to a halt from late Jan through the end of Feb while China’s population has been under quarantine (and online sales didn’t fare much better). It’s the worst 6 weeks since our inception.

BUT…that doesn’t mean EVERYONE thinking about launching should wait. This may be one of the easiest times to launch online in China that we’ve seen in quite some time.

Let me explain…

How your business is structured and how people discover your products matters more.

So if you have some awareness and there is already a solid commercial case, don’t wait. It’s a wonderful time to make your move.

Because of the crisis, we are seeing “unprecedented” levels of support from Tmall and JD category managers.  We’ve gotten more attention from their staff in the past month than in the last year.

They’re more willing to offer support, upgrades, and opportunities for brands.

Things we’ve seen so far: more free traffic resources, automatic rank advancements, optimal positioning and subsidies (funding) for strategic brands and product categories. You name it.

Bottom line…if you have a bit of traction and good fundamentals, I think it’s a great time to launch.

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