It seems like almost every day I hear from brands who claim they’re ready for a #Tmall launch. BUT most are dead #WRONG.

Here are the 4 most common #misconceptions brands have when it comes to entering #China #ecommerce:

1) “I want to launch my brand on Tmall in one to two months.”
It takes AT LEAST 3 months from store application, to store set-up, to soft #launch. Do you have a clear product/pricing #strategy for Tmall? Do you have your product listings ready? A marketing #budget? Inventory? Most importantly… do you have your documents ready for Tmall?

2) “We have all the #documents ready for Tmall.”
99% of the time, the documents are INCOMPLETE (or do not comply with Tmall’s requirements.) Trust me, none of our #clients have ever had a PERFECT document set from day one.

3) “In our #Global Digital Asset Management System you’ll find all the assets for store setup.”
Most of the time, these #assets are not Tmall-friendly. The sheer volume of images, videos, etc. required for a single Tmall #productpage is astounding!

4) “Our brand is global #1 in the category. We will see huge #success if we enter Tmall.”
There are NO guarantees. Your brand may be huge #globally but unknown to #Chinese consumers, or there may be countless #counterfeits already saturating the market.