When I talk to foreign brands about the speed at which the Chinese marketplace moves, they often find it inconceivable. Companies that haven’t done business here have no idea the level of INSTANT customer service that Chinese consumers take for granted.

Let me give you an example…not too long ago my wife ordered a TV. We were living in Shanghai and it was Saturday morning. All of a sudden there’s a knock at the door. We weren’t expecting anyone, so I was curious. I opened the door and there stood an installation crew with a TV. I’m told them,” Oh, you guys must have the wrong address.” They were insistent, “No, no, no. You ordered this, you ordered.”

I was baffled, I hadn’t ordered anything, so I asked my wife if she had ordered a TV. She said “Yes, but I JUST ordered it. I literally JUST ordered it.”

They come in the apartment, set up the TV, set up my modem, my cable, my internet, my Apple TV, my VPN and Netflix. I was watching my favorite show on Netflix, streaming it through the VPN only two hours from when my wife completed the purchase. Two hours. Do you know what I paid for that? Zero. It was free. Only in China…

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