Success in China: It Starts With Education

There’s a reason that we’re selective about the brands we choose to work with…our success depends on their success.

We work on revenue share. Because of this, we often work for months at a loss while the brand scales up. This provides an extra incentive to make sure our clients have realistic expectations & are READY for China.

China is a hands-on, operationally intense environment…no matter what business you’re in. It’s a place unlike almost any other.

Getting brands ready to succeed here starts with education.

It begins with training them on how to think…showing them what it takes to do business in China & helping them understand WHY it’s different. Then explaining what the path is going to be as they enter the market so that expectations are set properly.

They know what kind of obstacles they’re going to come up against. They know what kinds of mistakes they’re going to make. And they know what it’s going to look like on the other side once they overcome those barriers.

Throughout the years, I have seen SO MANY fail. On the surface, the reasons seem to be across the board…they had the wrong strategy, wrong business model, wrong product…and on and on. But when it boils down to it, it was because they didn’t understand CHINA.

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