China is super competitive. Brands need a lot more to get off the ground than they do elsewhere because of the environment and the sheer number of choices consumers have here. One of the easiest ways to gain a competitive advantage is to find the right partner. Depending on where your weaknesses lie, this could be anything from someone to help you with localization, to a joint venture partnership, or even a regional equity play to get into the market and accelerate growth quickly. I’ve seen clients have success with this approach time and time again. It can be an extremely smart move, particularly if you go into it protecting your IP.

Success can be hard to come by, especially in China. You need partners that can help you level up quickly, because the rhythm here is very fast paced. And you don’t necessarily have to do it externally. Sometimes it can be as simple as finding the right talent internally with the skill set and ability to help you tackle the nuances of the China market. Either way, the partners you select can make or break your success in China. Choose wisely! #China #eCommerce #Tmall #PartnerSelection #Success #InternationalBusiness