#Taobao is a murky stew filled with TRILLIONS of daily interactions between consumers and merchants.

There are countless ways #consumers can find your Tmall store inside TaoBao. We call these “traffic entrances.” Consumers can hop offers instantly and often follow the recommendation engine endlessly around throughout their journey.

I had one of my team members illustrate this by tracking her own purchase journey on Taobao Marketplace. As you can see, it was a long and meandering process that ultimately ended with her #purchasing something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what she was originally searching for.

And her journey is far from unique. Shoppers go through a variation of this process COUNTLESS times each day on the platform.

Shopping on Taobao is DISTRACTIVE. Every page you go to, you get tons of product suggestions that are VERY relevant to you.

As a merchant, there are so many ways that you can target your audience. But this is a double edged sword.

When you get someone into your store, you’re faced with the challenge of keeping their #attention.

This #infographic walks you through all the places where visitors can “leak” into other pages.

Check the comments for a link to the high-res graphic.

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