The Chinese government’s rapid and decisive response to the Coronavirus is commendable.

I can’t imagine ANY other country of equal size and scale pulling it together nearly “overnight” to stem the tide of an epidemic…and make us feel like they have things well in hand.

But what TRULY impresses me is the Mainland Chinese community. In a time of great crisis, there has been no violence, looting, or social unrest of any sort (except a few old ladies fighting over groceries at Costco.)

Nearly everyone is acting as one by making incredible personal sacrifices to support each other and make sure they are safe.

The living reality for family, friends, teammates, and clients here is suffocation.

It is painful to be stuck inside, for some in cramped spaces and others exposed without proper protection or sanitation.

I’ve had so many clients, colleagues, staff and friends reach out and offer to go way out of their way to help.

I’m honored, humbled and grateful to you all…

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