The efficiency of Hong Kong’s transportation system is OTHER WORLDLY

(Other than facial recognition, mobile payment and remote security scan, I’m not convinced next gen tech will save us any more time)

Mind you the downtown ferry terminal has been here nearly since the founding of the colony. The place is well worn in. Old school. But they know how to corral masses of humanity in a way that is so fast and pleasant it makes travel a dream…and it is unrivaled almost everywhere on this earth.

Today’s Stats:

1. Leave Repulse Bay south side flat at 3:15PM
2. Taxi to Sheung Wan, walk to counter, Macau ticket purchased, 3:45PM
3. Walk to Starbucks, stand in line, get coffee and snack-to-go, 3:50PM
4. Walk to HK Resident line and CROSS BORDER…30 seconds, 3:51PM
5. Walk to gate and check in for seat assignment 3:54PM
6. Board at 3:55PM
7. Depart on time at 4PM


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