The Future of Ecommerce

In the future, only brands will survive, only the IP owners will last. The consumer data that Amazon, Alibaba, and the other large platforms of the world are mining is going to become intelligent. Data mining techniques will be incredibly advanced, and the consumer data itself will be intelligent enough to order and design products on its own. And I don’t think that reality is very far away.

I think the factor of efficiency in regards to prediction is going to be at a level where the data itself will become the new original design manufacturer. And where does that leave you? It means that a lot of people in the middle layers of infrastructure in a supply chain are going to be completely disrupted. Now how they’re going to be impacted, I’m not particularly sure, but I do know that Alibaba will be placing orders directly with your brand’s factory for what they want you to sell.

This future is not far off; I see this happening in the next few years. Amazon is already doing this with their private label (which has been incredibly successful.) And I only see the trend intensifying. My advice to brands who want to not only survive, but thrive as we move into this not so distant future is to make sure you have ownership and control over your IP.

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