The last time this book was checked out was May 24, 2005…

Back then, lending clubs tracked usage. You had to return books within 30 days or pay a fine (or replacement cost.) Now you can just take what you want and return it (or not.)

That isn’t because you earned their trust. Used paperbacks have no value in 2019.

So did the writing somehow get worse? Is the story any less entertaining?

Nope. The underlying entertainment value is the same. But how it is consumed isn’t. Simply put, Amazon and Apple changed the market for books and music.

Tech-led change like this is inevitable but hard to see when you are living in it. Fortunately, I get to travel back in time…every time I head home.

Hong Kong is living in the 90’s, whereas Shanghai is embracing the future (for good and bad) with the rapid adoption of digital technologies into everyday life.

For anyone who believes digitalization isn’t coming, think again. New retail is happening in real time. And it’s coming to your neighborhood sooner than you think.

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