So, you’re ready to do business in China…customers will just search for your brand on Taobao, right? It would seem logical that you should focus your investment there, but…that’s only ONE of hundreds of ways Chinese consumers will engage with you.

What does that mean for merchants?

It’s simple… prepare to engage in a brutal gladiator battle for screen real estate.

Think about it this way… say your phone screen is 50 square centimeters. Based on numbers Alibaba released in their last financial report, the y processed around $1 trillion in sales on mobile devices last year…which makes that phone screen most valuable real estate in the world.

And EVERYONE is fighting for it. In the old days, brands could get by with just search marketing, pay-per-click, and other kinds of performance or event marketing to drive results. But that’s no longer good enough.

Now Alibaba has integrated with everything they possibly can because they want to own the entire path to purchase. This means brands now have to fight for real estate everywhere…and it’s super competitive.

This battle ends with approximately 10% of brands controlling 90% of sales.

When you win, you win conclusively….something you don’t see many other places in the world.

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