The Myth of Overnight Success in China (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of the series, click here to get caught up:

We started our analysis in March 2019 when this American brand announced their launch into the Chinese market. The data shows a huge spike in platform traffic from an index of 7,500 to 30,000 during the period, after which it dropped to around 10,000, a 25% bump. Not too tacky for a single effort.

BUT what I want you to note is the initial index of 7,500. The brand’s awareness level was high even BEFORE their launch in March. Thus, they were ALREADY fully activated in China. After reviewing historical data, we found that the tipping point in awareness, when traffic increased from under 2000 (a nobody) to a level sufficient for a successful launch was in March of 2018…12 months prior to the grand opening.

…So the story began a year and a half ago in March 2018. And the nice thing about it is that we have traced success to a few key factors, none of which had to do with a China strategy. How did it happen? Was it luck or a recipe that could work for other brands or categories?

Check back later this week for Part 3 of the series to find out.

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