Some of the most powerful companies in China have been disrupted in the last year by new, innovative brands. The thing the innovators have in common is something that seems obvious, but is often overlooked…defendable brand equity.

What does that mean? In my world, it means brand strength…the magical delta between awareness and purchase intent. When you hit that tipping point, there’s really no one that can stop you from accelerating and becoming dominant in a category. It’s interesting because it positions you so that if you are already unique in some way, you can now build a real business here that has legs and will stand the test of time.

And that’s the big thing right. Because in China you’re going to sacrifice a lot to be here, but when you have a combination of brand equity and a resonance with the population it really solves most of your problems. It’s the framework you want to think about…whether you’re in fast food or luxury handbags. This formula is proven to work across nearly all sectors.

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