The Place Where You Pay To Sit

Today a French client reminded me how unique China is. After 1.5 years in Shanghai, he still can’t get over having to “pay” before he sits down at a restaurant.

This isn’t take out. It’s true that we often have to prepay to be seated at a nice eatery. I just don’t think about it.

Short term, transactional thinking…this is his frustration in business and in life on the ground in China. That basic trust isn’t there. His distributor is a culprit. His staff. His vendors. And he’s tired of feeling like he’s always in a tollbooth.

I told him that’s ironic…in my experience, Chinese are super long term thinkers. They bet long on relationships but think short term on cash calls.

The West is opposite. We actively see ways to go long on our money and short on relationships. We covet early retirement plans AND pickup artists.

Hmmm…which do you think offers a better / more successful outcome?

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