The REAL Reasons For Rejection

Brands are rejected by Tmall for many reasons: “documents aren’t clear,” “stamped position is wrong,” “both versions needed,” “just not fit for Tmall.” Different managers approve each step and each has unique criteria.

I constantly hear stories of brands getting a “no” and throwing in the towel. This isn’t because Alibaba blocks them. Most are led astray by folks who can’t navigate administrative complexity.

Flawed thinking, incompetence, and competing agendas…these are the real reasons for rejection. The cases below are from 2018 and ALL have LAUNCHED flagships:

Apparel Brand: rejected three times. Once as a bad fit for Tmall Global; the latter due to low brand awareness. They asked the brand to submit credentials, client list, financial report and references. Timeline: two extra months. Result: APPROVED.

Footwear Brand: rejected twice. Asked to provide a certificate that proves relationship between brand’s Shanghai branch and Chinese head office. Ownership unclear. Registered capital levels too low. Timeline: six extra months. Result: APPROVED.

Beverage Brand: rejected once. Asked to prove the relationship between three different companies. IP rights to sub brands a mess. Timeline: five extra months. Result: APPROVED.

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