It’s a moment I shared yesterday with a group of savvy China marketers and top influencers like Antoine S. Bunel who attended the KOL Summit Social Digital INC.

That’s because brands often take it for granted. They try to pinpoint a winning #strategy…while others DO JUST AS WELL without one.

They spend all day grinding it out, trying every trick, tip or tactic (and driving their staff and vendors crazy.)

But all they really need to do is:
1) Master #ecosystem dynamics
2) Run the right plays

Our new #ebook, “Brand Your Way Into China” is just that: a clear explanation of how things work and an actionable #playbook to move the needle.

We spent 6 months deep into point of interest…mapping the exact moment(s) when a brand reaches a tipping point in #China.

While it’s easy take credit for someone’s #success, few can prove they had anything to do with it. And even fewer can show you HOW it is done…until now.

We figured it out by studying brands that are both new to the world AND to China.

Another interesting point…none are #Chinese brands.

They are #global brands and their path to success here isn’t what you think.

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